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A key factor in maintaining consistent business growth is widely acknowledged to be a sound and up to date understanding of your market, target customers, key applications, competitive activity, and technological trends.

The use of specialist external researchers to undertake research is a well-accepted way of accessing unbiased data and informed viewpoint to help build, supplement, or validate critical business information and decisions.

Primetek Solutions research can take many forms, our aim though is always to provide you with an optimised route to secure the unbiased and pertinent data and analysis to assist you in making informed and effective business decisions.

All research projects are undertaken on a confidential basis, which means we rarely can report on what we have done. However over 80% of Primetek research services clients have felt satisfied enough to return for subsequent projects.


• Customer perception research (new product developments).

• Customer perception research (marketing promotions effectiveness).

• Customer perception research (service provision).

• Soliciting competitive information.

• Identifying partners to enter new markets.

• Identifying complimentary products.

• Identifying potential target companies for acquisition.

• And more.


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